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Is your Meeting a 10?

If you're in leadership, chances are you have meetings. If you use the Entrepreneurial Operating System, learn how to truly judge the meeting.
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About That Relationship with Your Staff Member? We Need to Talk

About That Relationship with Your Staff Member? We Need to Talk Every year, most companies make some attempt at a corporate holiday party.  They get their employees together at a swanky restaurant, or at least use the office's large conference room as home base for the holiday festivities.  Everyone is in a festive mood, and…
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Want to Get Your Vision to Stick? Celebrate!

How do you get your leadership team's vision to stick with the rest of your company? I'm assuming you have a shared vision in the first place I help my clients implement the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), and part of the EOS process is to clarify the organization's vision.  When I'm with clients, the leadership…
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Do You Need a Business Plan for the New Year?

Business Plans?  Who Needs It? Recently, I met with a business owner who'd been running a business for a five years, but got to the point where he was frustrated that his business wasn't making much traction in growth and efficiency.   He'd previously consulted with a local business consultant, who told him to turn his…
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What’s Different about EOS Implementers?

What's Different about EOS Implementers? I'll get this question all the time: "What make you different than any of these other business consultants?".   Whenever I hear the word "consultant", I cringe a little. Why? I'm an EOS Implementer.  EOS Implementers are different: 1. We are not consultants. We are implementers.  Using a system called EOS,…
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Reward Individual Performers, Or Everyone?

Reward Individual Performers, Or Everyone? One of the biggest mistakes I ever made in business was yanking away a solid company bonus structure. For several years, we'd created a structure based on company performance: 20% of all profits would be shared with everyone shared equally regardless of position or salary. There was no "entitlements" in this…
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