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Are you a leader of a tech company? Oh boy, do you have issues

 Are You A Leader Of A Tech Company? Oh Boy, Do You Have Issues I coach leadership teams of growing companies on how to implement the tools of the EOS operating system (what some people call "Traction", based on the book Traction:  Get a Grip on Your Business).  In my travels, I get to help leadership teams across many…
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What is Your Organization’s Core Focus?

You've heard the statistics:  most businesses fail.  Some fail in a year; others fail in less than five.  The truth is, most businesses don't make it to ten years. Think Different.  No, Really! Did you ever notice that some companies seem to be successful, and have the golden touch, growing quarter by quarter and year by year,…
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My Core Values

My Company Core Values I was leading a client vision / planning session yesterday, and while we were running through the exercises  to narrow and determine their company's core values, I talked to them about what to do with the core values after they are created.  My advice: post them everywhere, memorize them, talk about them weekly, raise…
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Is it Groundhog Day in your Business, Every Day?

Is it Groundhog Day, Every Day? You remember the movie Groundhog Day, starring Bill Murray?  Murray's character is Phil Connors, a self-important TV weatherman who, while on assignment covering the annual Groundhog Day event in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, finds himself in a time loop, repeating the same day again and again. Nothing changes for him, day after…
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Should your leadership team be committed?

Should your leadership team be committed? I was attempting to title this post "Is Your Leadership Team Committed?", but as I dictated into the microphone, out popped "Should your leadership team committed". Huh.  No need to go back and correct that one, except to add the word "be".  I kinda like the nuanced way it turned…
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Lemonade Stand Success

A lemonade stand's marketing and sales failure or success revolve around a few simple things. This is also the case for your business. Read on.
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What to look for in an outsourced marketer

What to look for in an outsourced marketer In my last post, I lambasted bad marketers, and how hard it is to find a good one.  The truth is, just like lawyers and cops, when the chips are down, you need them.  You especially need them when you want to use smart words like "lambasted",…
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How hard is it to find marketing help?

How hard is it to find marketing help? OK, here's a little secret, and I'll start right off.  It's not hard to find marketing help.  Actually, it's really easy.   Anyone can help your business with your marketing.  There, I said it.  No reason to keep reading.  Unless you want to. You know you do.…
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