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Want to Get Your Vision to Stick? Celebrate!

Want to Get Your Vision to Stick? Celebrate! How do you get your leadership team's vision to stick with the rest of your company? I'm assuming you have a shared vision in the first place I help my clients implement the Entrepreneurial Operating System™ (EOS), and part of the EOS process™ is to clarify the…
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Do You Need a Business Plan for the New Year?

Business Plans?  Who Needs It? Recently, I met with a business owner who'd been running a business for a five years, but got to the point where he was frustrated that his business wasn't making much traction in growth and efficiency.   He'd previously consulted with a local business consultant, who told him to turn his…
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Filling Too Many Roles? Try This Exercise

Are you Wearing Too Many Hats? With every EOS client, we develop what is called an accountability chart - a souped-up organizational chart that shows not job titles but roles, and the main priorities for that role. During the process, we'll usually smoke out several issues, including my favorite:  the boss wears too many hats,…
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