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EOS® Implementation

Get Unstuck...Improve Quickly

Business Coaching

Helping small to mid-sized businesses to get 'unstuck', using EOS ®, a proven system that gets real results quickly.

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Looking for a speaker?

Hire us for your group, association, or leadership retreat.

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The EOS® Story

The Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS®) is a tool that I use to help owners of good businesses to become spectacular businesses.  Read more about Business Coaching and the use of EOS®

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  • Why do people do what they do?
    I just finished reading Misbehaving, written by one of the pioneers of behavioral economics, Richard Thaler. The book contains many great stories about how people and markets behave in the strangest ways. Like, People will gamble more, even if the stakes are higher, just for a chance to break even. People will take money out of their own pocket if they Continue Reading
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  • Is your Meeting a 10?
    If you're in leadership, chances are you have meetings. If you use the Entrepreneurial Operating System, learn how to truly judge the meeting.
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  • Does Your Team Have Olympic Sized Dreams?
    Your leadership team can learn a lot from Olympic Games champions. Learn about two legends from the 1980 Winter Olympics, and see how it applies to your company.
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