What is the EOS Process™ ?

The EOS Process™ is the proven way to roll out the concepts and tools of EOS® into your business, to quickly and effectively strengthen the key components of your business.

Here’s how to roll out EOS® into your business:

Step 1: Hold a 90 Minute Meeting

Facilitated by one of our EOS ImplementersTM, the 90 Minute Meeting introduces your leadership team to EOS®. You’ll actually get you all the foundational EOS® tools and see how those tools integrate into strengthening the six key components of your business. This meeting helps to get your leadership team on the same page – allowing you to decide if EOS® is right for your business – and to judge the chemistry between you and the Implementer.

Step 2: Meet for a Focus Day™

This is the true start of the EOS journey!

In the Focus Day, the leadership team will dive right into the practical EOS® tools. This full day provides the team with a deep dive into the “why”, the “what” and the “how” to use the tools. We’ll even begin to define the “who”. The team will come away focused, clear on priorities and issues, and is the start of the journey towards a healthier leadership team (and company).

Step 3: Step away for Vision Building™

There are two days in Vision Building (held together or apart. See EOS FAQ’s for more on this) .

Day 1:
Vision Building Day 1 begins by sharpening the team’s skills in using the tools introduced during the Focus Day. Then, we begin building out the company’s vision, using what EOS® calls the V/TO (the Vision/Traction Organizer). Your Implementer will guide the leadership team through various exercises to discover your true core values, the company’s core focus, its long-term target, and the marketing strategy. One powerful highlight of the day is discovering the basis of what constitutes a “right person” for your entire company.

Day 2:
Vision Building Day 2 is a fast-moving session where we complete your V/TO and set your vision into motion. After getting whole team buy-in on the tools we worked on in Vision Building Day 1, we’ll set out to create your Three-Year Picture, making it as vivid as possible. Then we’ll take that picture and define what you must do within the next year. Finally, we’ll set your company priorities (what are called rocks) for the next 90 days.

By the end of VB2, the team will have clearly defined who you are, where you’re going and how you’re going to get there. Now it’s time to get Traction!

What if you start the EOS Process™ in the middle of your fiscal year? See our EOS FAQ’s.

Step 4: Reset Quarterly

The EOS Process™ is based on living in a “90-Day world”.  What that means is that after every 90 days, the leadership team comes together apart from the day-to-day, to review and evaluate the last quarter’s rocks, to refocus on identifying and solving the biggest issues, challenges and opportunities in order to reach your yearly goals, and finally to set the rocks for the next quarter. Talk about accountability towards finally hitting your goals!

Step 5: Re-vision and re-set during Annual Sessions

At the end of a year, we’ll meet offsite for a two day Annual Session, in order to review the past year, to focus on leadership team health, and to update your long term vision, three year picture, one year goals. Finally, you’ll set your rocks for the next 90 days.

The result is a healthy, focused leadership team and organization that makes continual progress towards achieving everything in their vision.

What do you want from your business?

Whatever your vision, we’ll help you get to where you want to go.

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