EOS Reach and Exceed Business Goals

It certainly appears that way.

Businesses are hiring, that’s good news. The not so good news is we are hearing of businesses trying to fill key positions to fuel growth but are coming up short. Expecting to see a flood-gate of resumes to screen, the numbers are way less than they had hoped. Some are seeing competitors executing on strategic initiatives while they are stuck in the planning stage. Still others are recovering a LOT faster than they expected. Also, good news.

A new client said as they were hiring us, “We were behind and needed to get caught up. We knew the lights were going to come back on this spring. We did not plan effectively for what was obviously coming.”

What do you want your business to look like one-year from today?

How might the proven EOS® system help your business to reach or exceed your goals?

We have all heard it before, the best athletes have coaches and sometimes several coaches. Having in EOS coach/implementer® as a part of your external team can help you to turn words such as alignment, accountability, and culture into operational realities.

It is always great having your client share their experiences on an unsolicited basis. Here is what some of ours have shared with us:

  • “We read books on culture & alignment, hired consultants, and tried to do it on our own. Then we hired Grow Exceptional and true alignment started to happen which got better after every quarterly session. Within nine months our team was operating at a level we had never seen before.”
  • “Key performance indicators – we had some in place, nobody was maintaining them, and they were rarely discussed. An early project we tasked Grow Exceptional with was to dust these off, help us set our leading indicators and teach us how to track them. It is now done every week; with really positive results.”
  • Dave Borland helped us through Covid, a lot of what we went through was not good. We were concerned whether we would make it through. We began planning for 2021 last fall and are beginning to see results and are now optimistic about 2021. Traction works really well for our company.”

I would like to get to know you. There is no risk, no cost, and no obligation. Most share that they typically walk away with a couple of really good ideas.

P.S. If you are feeling stuck or you would simply like to talk about your business, schedule your call with me: