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Lemonade Stand SuccessA few weeks ago on a hot day, my 12 year old son and his friend were bored, and made a decision to open up a lemonade stand.    They quickly threw together the lemonade, cups, chairs, a small poorly written sign, and ice in a bucket – and marched down to the intersection of our dead end street with the relatively busy county road with hundreds of cars passing in an hour at 45 miles an hour.  All of this at 11 AM on a Wednesday.

And they sat there waiting as cars flew by.  Not one of them slowed down.

Discouraged, they came back home for lunch, with no customers and no money.

It was the wrong time.
They were using messaging that wasn’t visible or timely.
They were using the wrong sales tactics.

After lunch about 2 pm, they tried again.  This time, we armed them with two simple large signs, placed 75 yards away in each direction allowing cars ample time to see it, register it, and stop in time.  Then instead of sitting, the boys both stood, smiled and waved at every car that passed.

In two hours:  they netted $50, and ran out of lemonade.

For success, all these boys needed besides a desire to keep going was to be there at the right time, with simple messaging that was placed at the right moment for their customer, and a friendly invitation to connect.    A great combination of marketing and sales, working together.

Is your marketing message stale, in the wrong place, and not getting you results?