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EOS Implementer and Leadership TeamI hear this question all the time: “What make you different than any of these other business consultants?”.   Whenever I hear the word “consultant”, I cringe a little.

Why? I’m an EOS Implementer™.  EOS Implementers™ are different, in these ways.

1. We are not consultants.

We are implementers.  Using a system called EOS, we guide a company leadership team to clarify a vision, simplify the process to get there, and to achieve the vision. We’ll train, coach, and facilitate the team to implement the system.

2. We don’t have all the answers.

Implementers are not the guru that you look to for the ‘answer’, every time an issue comes up.   Instead of causing reliance on such a person (and forever churning billable hours!), an implementer helps you create a system for independence.  Most often, the answers are right there on your leadership team, ready to be unlocked.

3.  We teach with three steps in mind:

1. Context: “we go to end” to show why you’ll do anything, then get buy in;
2. Facilitate the team to break down traditional and habitual barriers; and
3. Conclude, so that all the leaders can get on the same page and solve recurring issues.

4. We “enter the danger”.

Sometimes the team isn’t being open and honest with each other, or an issue is being skirted.  We don’t ignore it, and “go there” with the team, pushing for vulnerability based trust, good conflict, clear commitment and ultimately a great resolution.

5. The system we implement is proven.

This isn’t made up as we go along.  To get companies to be both healthy and smart, we implement a complete business system that has honed over years and tens of thousands of companies. It’s not B.S., and everything in it is real and practical.

6.  We work with the whole leadership team.

EOS Implementers™ are not ‘executive coaches’, working just with the owner or CEO.   We work with the whole leadership team.  We don’t take sides or play games or politics.  Our job is to get everyone on the same page with the company vision, to be surrounded by great people, meanwhile giving an absolute pulse on your business, so you can solve problems better and faster, and gain traction towards the company you always wanted to have.

7. Many Implementers have walked the walk.

A good implementer will also have been on the other side at some point, attempting to integrate the EOS system into their own businesses. We understand and empathize with the reality of implementing something new within their team, and trying to get movement towards accomplishing something better.

8. We listen.

Consultants often love to tell you what to do, and keep telling you. EOS Implementers™ are not leading a seminar, or telling you how great we are.  It really isn’t about the Implementer’s ego.  Instead, we’ll ask the right questions, getting the leadership team to hear each other, and to smoke out and solve its issues. You’ll be able to see a problem and solve it, quickly.

9. We believe in traction first, and vision second.

We do things differently than consultants, who usually want to start with creating a nice pretty vision statement and core values.  Sure, we’ll get there… but we begin with practical tools immediately, then get to the ‘visioning’ after we’re beginning to use the system.  It really works. See more about the EOS Process.

10. We show you how to go to the root cause and get rid of it… forever.

We’ll teach you an incredible tool to treat the underlying reasons for an issue, and not to treat symptoms. The tool, used correctly, can wipe out a pattern of “issues”, forever.

11. It’s a simple system.

The EOS process™ is easy to understand, and because it’s easy for the leadership team to get it, it’s faster to implement the tools to get immediate results.

12. We demand a high level of accountability.

It’s simple, and it’s worth it!… but EOS isn’t easy.  A good fit client’s leadership team is one that will take the system seriously, and be accountable to making it work.  We’ll challenge your team to hit its goals and priorities every time.

13.  We guarantee our sessions.

Literally! You don’t pay us if you don’t find value in our sessions. Every time. See the EOS Session Guarantee in writing.

Do you have more questions about EOS?

Check out the EOS FAQ’s, the comprehensive list of everything EOS and the questions we get from people before they decide to implement it in their businesses or not.

What do you want from your business?

Whatever your vision, we’ll help you get to where you want to go.

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